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  [Good news]Jiangsu A-Z Group Co., Ltd has been awarded ¡° Excellent Quality Title¡± of 2015 during the quality competition of 15SS and 15AW products of Toread(No.1 of China¡¯s outdoor brands).
    Jiangsu A-Z Group's main business is the production and sale of three products: towels, knitwear, and woven clothes. The greatest feature of the group is our continuous product operation. This includes spinning,weaving, knitting, printing,dyeing, embroidering, and sewing, and eventually ending up with a final product. Our aim is the satisfaction of our customers and manufacturing first class quality products that meet or exceed our customer's requirements.

In order to ensure high quality products and services, we have installed the latest and most modern processing equipment. To ensure the equipment's steady and reliable operation, A-Z has hired experienced and qualified Japanese technicians.
       Jaingsu A-Z group has also adopted a clean plant environment for the safety of our employees.

The speech in the meeting “Model
Award & Lucky Draw” given by
General Manager, Mr. Kato Toshio
  Happy New Year!
  I’m sure everyone had a joyful Spring Festival.
  First of all, on behalf of the directorate, board of directors and general manager room, I would send my sincere appreciation to all staff who work so hard in the last year.
  The sales volume and the rate of profit growth in Jiangsu A-Z Group didn’t increase a lot in the year 2006 comparing with year 2005, but we still made great progress which couldn’t be reached without everyone’s effort. I would like to say thank you again to you, because all the success was from our staff who joined each other so closely.

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