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“Aiming at top-grade”    
  (A-Z's idea of Corporate Operation)
On entering the A-Z group, employees learn about our company's loud and clear slogan, “Aiming at top-grade”. They make conscious efforts towards this goal by continuously promoting the quality of the products in order to enhance our corporate image.
A-Z Group produces such products as towels, knitwear and woven clothes. All processes from cotton spinning, machine knitting, bleaching and dyeing, printing, embroidering, sewing, and washing are all done within the group. To ensure the quality of its products the group successfully implemented the standards of the ISO9002 Quality Certification, the ISO14001 Environmental Protection Management certification, Oeko-Textile Standard 100 Eco-textile Certification, and the WRAP Certification which familiarize employees with the requirements of the international and domestic markets.
To improve production capacity and to increase cohesiveness and morale, A-Z Group has its employees study the Japanese “5S” management system: sort (Seiton), set in order (Seiketsu), shine (Seiri), standardize (Seiso) and sustain (Shitsuke). This system establishes a safe and efficient workplace and creates a pleasant and lively environment.
The corporate culture of the A-Z group originated from, and reflects in the operation of the business. It has become an invaluable asset of invisible management. All employees, from administration to production staff, are encouraged to participate fully toward improving the company and realizing his/her full potential. This makes it possible for every employee to feel valued and experience personal fulfillment as they go about their daily tasks.

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